Use WSAD to move.

Blue bar is your timer, orange is health. Defeat enemies by pressing the space bar, but remember that you have a time limit for how long you can be invulnerable.   Collect gems to make your timer last longer, but remember that the cool down lasts longer, too...

This is for the GDL Game Jam. Spent 2 days on this bad boy... lol.

There's a lot that can be improved, but for now I think this will do. Especially for a contest as short as this one!

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Jam
Average sessionA few minutes


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nice game! I stink at making games!

Haha well if you look closely, so do I!! This is so old lol. I’m hoping to revisit the concept!

I think you should win the jam with this game.

That would be nice :'D But unlikely. Thank you, though! ^_^


This is cool